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If you are a doctoral student preparing for your dissertation and tearing your hair out in frustration we perfectly understand. Quality Transcript is a transcription concern well experienced in providing transcription service assistance to students who are working towards a doctorate. The journey from a student to a scholar can be laborious and strenuous. It involves long hours of gathering and organizing reference material, poring over research books and journals and extensive field work.

A large part of the students research work is stored mostly in audio recordings and contain research based interviews, statements and information downloaded from the internet. To organize, chronicle and assimilate the educational study material is a time consuming and onerous task, leave alone transcribing the audio recordings into a text transcript. Quality Transcript provides you meticulous, concise and completely accurate text transcripts of your audio recordings. You can bank on us to provide you unstinting transcription support.

The top five reasons why we should work together:  

  1. Experience: You are certainly not going to trust a novice transcriber with your invaluable research recordings. It requires a keen eye for detail, years of experience and just that extra bit of care to provide you with transcription solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.
  2. 24/7 Workflow pattern:  Quality Transcript works round the clock because we value the time of our customers. We understand that little things can make a big difference ,and take every effort to make working with us a beneficial and memorable experience.
  3. Affordable: We know that this sounds clichéd but Quality Transcript has gained a firm foothold in the tremendously competitive transcription industry because we charge a nominal rate for our transcribing services. We provide the best quality work at the lowest cost and our affordable pricing strategy ensures that we are the hot favorites with students across the globe.
  4. The TAT Factor:  Time next to money is what makes the world go round. It is the single most decisive factor in the transcription sector. We provide our clients with custom designed TAT packages that meet and cater to their every need and expectation.
  5.  Friendly and responsive staff:  Well informed and responsive staff who are more than willing to help at two in the morning is a dream come true for our client’s. We have a team of considerate, experienced and responsible transcribing and customer care staff who will provide you with help and assistance anytime.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services, our unbeatable prices and the timely, accurate and superlative transcription service we provide.

Contact sales@qualitytranscript.com for further details.


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