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Specialized Transcription Services for the Hearing Impaired

Quality Transcript provides expert audio to text transcription services specifically designed for the hearing impaired community. We transcribe audio recordings of lectures, class room sessions, seminars, conferences, podcasts and any recorded program or event conducted for the differently abled community.

A text transcript can go a long way in assisting and educating members of the hearing impaired fraternity. Listed below are a few reasons why a text transcript is of utmost importance.

At Quality Transcription we have trained and experienced transcribing staff who have previous experience in providing transcription services for the hearing impaired community. We would love to be part of an effort to build a platform for communicating and relating to people, who suffer from hearing impairment and disorders. Effective communication is the first step towards a more inclusive society and we would be honored to be a part of the process.

Personalized Turn around time services

Quality Transcript offers custom designed turn around time packages. We work in accordance to our client's needs and follow a flexible work pattern. There is no strict and rigid, fixed time frame we follow to deliver your text transcripts. The customized TAT package we offer has become the U.S.P of Quality Transcript.

Competitive pricing

Quality Transcript offers the most affordable transcription services in the industry. We believe in building and retaining a huge client base rather than catering to an exclusive clique. We strive to grow with our clients and our reasonable and completely transparent pricing structure is one small example of our working model and policies.


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