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Analog Transcription Services

Quality Transcript offers specialized audio to text transcription services of your analog tapes.

The analog tape still has a place in the overcrowded digital market and Quality Transcript receives several requests for analog transcription services every day. We provide analog audio recording to text transcription services for journalists, academicians and media professionals. Though it is considered old world by most we must all admit that old world does have its charm.

Is transcribing analog tapes a long drawn and expensive process?

Luckily, the answer is, no. Though recording on an analog tape is no big deal, as it is by and large an uncomplicated process, we receive calls from worried clients who wonder wether transcribing it can take up additional time or transcription cost. No it doesn’t and at Quality Transcript you can take our word for it! Which brings us to the next possible query, how to send across analog tapes for transcription services?

Well you can either send us the physical tape of your audio or video recording. Our experienced technical staff can convert your analog recordings into a digitized file and revert to you with an accurate text transcript. But we all know that sending across the physical audio or video analog tape can be an expensive affair and furthermore it can be pretty unnerving to Fed Ex your precious recording and praying that it is returned undamaged! No sweat, Quality Transcript can help, and as always will be more than happy to.

Convert your analog tapes into digital files without missing a beat!

To convert your analog tapes into a digital file is a simple process. All you need is a cord to connect your sound card to your tape recorder, reliable audio editing software and half an hour to spare. Use a good quality cord to connect the sound card line in jack to your tape recorder or Walkman. And press record on Audacity after selecting your preferred settings. You can convert your now digital file into a compressed zip file and either mail it to Quality Transcript as a leapfile or send it to our FTP server. For more details or specs about converting your analog files into digital files click here.

Quality Transcript works fast and is light on your wallet!

At Quality Transcript we know that it is time and money that makes the world go round! We can help you save both. At Quality Transcription we offer transcription services that are not only of the best quality but also cost effective. 

To get in touch please fill out the form on this page and we will touch base with you inside of an hour.


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