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Quality Transcripts offers superlative, error free and cost effective conference call transcription services.  Conference calls have come as a blessing for businesses that have branches and market presence the world over. To co ordinate with the different branches spread across the globe can involve a lot of travel and can be a very expensive affair if not for conference calls.

The need to transcribe audio recordings of conference calls into concise text transcripts is of primary importance. The text transcripts of conference calls are generally used for internal communication within the company to maintain transparency and update the employees of the organization on the latest developments. They are also used to send press statements and releases and used in in-house journals and newsletters. The text documentation of a conference call also serves as a legal document and recorded proof. As most conference calls are recorded in chaotic surroundings and overlapping voices of multiple speakers a common occurrence, transcribing conference calls requires expertise and extensive experience.

Quality Transcripts produces succinct, accurate and clear cut text transcriptions of conference call recordings. We have several years of experience in transcribing conference call recordings and our transcribers are well versed with the jargons and terminologies of the business world.

Quality Transcripts provides flexible turn around time packages to its clients in accordance to their requirements.

Standard TAT : In this TAT package text transcripts of your audio recordings would be sent to you within 48 hours of receiving your audio recordings.

Rush TAT : The Rush TAT is a tailor made TAT package designed for our clients who need their transcripts within a short time frame.

Super Rush TAT : In the super rush TAT the text transcripts are sent  within just 2 hours of receiving the audio recordings.

Slow TAT : The slow TAT is aimed at clients who do not have tight deadline for their text transcripts. Quality Transcripts offers several cost discounts for the subscribers of Slow TAT.                           

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