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Expert Documentary Transcription Services At The Lowest Cost

Conducting a documentary interview is an art by itself. To elicit information from people who are not used to being interviewed can be a mind numbing task. It is a given, that your subject is not an expert at handling a volley of questions about their lives and personal experiences. It takes oodles of patience to phrase and rephrase your sentences and trying to make your subject talk to you rather than your camera.  

When you cannot do it yourself leave it to the experts!

And working on your documentary requires an inordinate amount of time spent laying the groundwork for your project. The entire filmmaking process and every stage of it such as the pre production stage, the actual shooting and the post production stage demands a single minded focus and dedication.

In between all this hectic running around it is impossible to find time to transcribe the audio recording of your interview into a textual transcript. The interview of your subject or subjects of your documentary is the most crucial component of it. It adds credibility and flavour to your project. Hence a text transcript of it is essential as a clear cut, tangible document of your conversation.

Quality Transcript has provided transcription services for several documentary films of professional documentary makers, independent researchers and social workers, non governmental organizations, film and arts students and to amateur documentary makers. We have been able to cover such a wide spectrum because our services do not cater to a niche clientele and we price our services low.

 Why Quality Transcript?

With our low cost pricing structure, quick and reliable turn around time and high quality proofread text transcripts you actually need a reason not to work with us! And we are sure, and would ensure, you wont and don’t find any.

Quality Transcript offers the, lowest cost per minute of audio data received. Our turn around time packages are consistent, flexible and designed keeping in mind just one thing, the convenience of our client. To have a clear lowdown of our TAT packages click here.

We offer you text transcripts that can either be verbatim, non -verbatim or content. That is we can provide text transcripts of your audio recording that are word by word, slightly corrected or precisely edited and structured. You can choose which transcription style you prefer and we will deliver it to you at an unbelievable turn around time.

To know more about our transcription services please fill out the enquiry form on this page and we will revert to you inside of an hour.


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