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Quality Transcript offers reliable and affordable documentary transcription services.

In today's world of programmed reality where every broadcast or programs you watch is merely a media construct, we need a whiff of fresh air. Glimpses of the real world, and documentaries and docu dramas provide just that. The beauty of a documentary is that it can be hard hitting, poetic or entertaining. As every media personnel knows portraying the truth is a million times harder than filming fictitatious characters and storylines.

You obviously want all your hard work and research to reach as much audience as possible. Transcribing your documentary or docu drama ensures that you reach out to a large audience and can effectively communicate long after your documentary is over! Quality Transcript provides you the most reliable and affordable transcription service in town. We understand the constraints of working under a tight budget and try and make our services as economical as possible.

 Unlike a few years back when documentaries catered to niche market documentaries have now entered the mainstream media as well. And like movies they have the power to reach millions and bring about change.

Here are five major reasons why transcription of documentaries is essential: 

  1. The dream of every documentary or docu -drama maker is being filmed in international film fests. It is mandatory that you send across an accurate text transcript of your documentary to the jury.
  2. Unlike movies documentaries do not have a ready audience. A text transcript of your documentary can help you to a large extent in marketing your work.
  3. As documentaries are based on reality they are usually filmed in the local language. A text transcript of your documentary can help you reach out to an international audience.
  4. A documentary or docu drama demands extensive ground work and research. You certainly don’t want all that hard work to last just a few fleeting hours. A text transcript of your work can be distributed to all the audience.
  5. And finally if images can form an emotional connect with the audience it is words that can form an intellectual connect.

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