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The DVD is the next best thing to have happened in the tech world after the invention of personal computer. A DVD is handy, non fussy and can store an enormous amount of data! It is certainly a boon for those who have to record audio or video data on a regular basis.

A DVD on the other hand is a lot more efficient and uncomplicated. Not to mention inexpensive. At Quality Transcript most of the audio or video recordings we receive for audio to text transcription services are usually recorded in the omnipresent DVD. Quality Transcript has provided transcription services for law firms, media and doctoral students, television production houses, the media and entertainment industry amongst others.

Three Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Get Your DVD Transcribed:

1. As we all know, all good things have a flipside too. The quality of the audio or video stored in a DVD can take a serious beating if played repeatedly. A text transcription of your DVD recording can save you the trouble of playing it over and over again!
2 It can help advertisers or sponsors to understand your work better as most of them find it more convenient to go through a text file rather than recorded footage.
3. And lastly it can help you in page rankings.

Yeah ok now you’ve made up your mind to get your DVD transcribed and know that Quality Transcript is the ideal choice for you but flustered how to go about it. No sweat.

Here is how we can start working together:

Step one: Convert your DVD into a ZIP file.
Step two: If you file size is below 10 MB send it as an email attachment, as a leap file to sales@qualitytranscript.com.
Step Three: If your file to be transcribed is above 10 MB, send it across to our secure FTP server.

Here is what to expect from Quality Transcript:

Prices that will make you come back to us: QualityTranscript offers the most competitive and transparent pricing structure in the transcription services industry. We charge per minute and our low cost pricing can save you 40% of your operational costs!

We offer the best TAT package in town: Our turn around time packages is incredibly consistent and customizable. Click here to know about the TAT packages we offer.

To get in touch please fill out the form on this page and we will revert to you in a jiffy.

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