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What is a WMA format?

The WMA format is one of the major audio formats used for audio recordings nowadays. It offers maximum digital audio quality but is not a lossless format though. But the loss of quality is minimal thereby offering users both audio compression as well as superior quality.

At QualityTranscript we receive anywhere between 5 to 20 audio recordings per day in the WMA audio format.  QualityTranscript is the foremost choice of people across all sections and spheres of society as we have extensive experience in the transcribing field and are reliable and timely.

Who works with us?

We’ve provided audio to text transcription services for a wide array of clients and have been a regular transcription provider for podcasters, music professionals and music lovers, professors, business men, filmmakers, university students and even high school kids. And this explains why our transcribing team is aware of the latest developments in the medical field as well as acid rock. Our years of experience providing transcription support to a diverse clientele has not only helped us expand our client base but also reach out to even more people in need of transcription services.

Why they work with us?

We are reasonably priced: We offer one the lowest cost in the industry and now you know why even students who usually tight and closely monitored budgets find us approachable. In the end the popularity of a service depends largely on how affordable it is and we at Quality Transcript certainly understand that.

Consistent as well as flexible TAT packages: Yes, consistency and flexibility are not exactly mutually exclusive terms! Our TAT packages are custom designed to meet the different needs and demands of our clients. We offer client centric, customized TAT packages and always stick to our delivery timings. And we are extremely proud of the fact that we’ve never missed a deadline.

24x7 customer services: Our customer support executives are available 24x7 and with our experienced and considerate staff you available round the clock you don’t have to ever talk to an automated voice! One of the rarest privileges people enjoy today is hearing a human voice when they call a toll free number, and Quality Transcript is glad that we are one of the few firms in the world today to offer this privilege.

Contact sales@qualitytranscript.com for more details.

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