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Quality Transcript: The Best In The Transcription Market

Quality Transcript is the answer to marketing research firms search for a reliable and professional transcription company. If a market research was conducted on the most reliable market research transcription firm we are sure Quality Transcript would ace the polls, as we provide low cost and accurate market research transcription services.  

Today a large number of multi nationals, television firms, corporate concerns and any and every kind of business is reliant on the data provided by market research companies. To produce accurate statistical data every time, is a challenge faced by marketing research concerns. Most marketing research firms audio record the opinions and views of the general public as it is impossible to write down every little statistical data, it is not both, logistical or feasible. The results published by a marketing firm determine the brand equity of a product, the popularity of a service and most importantly acts as a major influence in the minds of the consumers.

Six reasons why Quality Transcript is the answer to all your needs:

  1. We cover a wide spectrum and provide transcription support for large scale marketing research firms, opinion polls of media organizations, surveys of government agencies and non governmental organizations, independent researches and many more.

  2. We transcribe audio recordings in any audio recording format and, MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, DSS are a few of the audio recording formats we accept and transcribe.

  3. As most audio recordings we receive for market research transcription contain external noise and disturbance such as horns blaring, ringing mobiles and overlapping voices we are quite a pro in producing accurate text transcript no matter what the quality of the audio recording we receive.

  4. We are light on the pocket. We charge the lowest cost per line in the transcription industry. This is one of the reasons why our clients not only come back to us every time but also recommend our market research transcription services to their peers.

  5. Quality Transcript works fast.  We are consistent and deliver the completed text transcripts within the promised timeframe.

  6. We work as a team, and our team of transcribers, client service executives and quality analysts work closely together so you don’t have to keep repeating the same query or problem to different people or call different numbers!

We understand that marketing research service is a field where the dynamics keep changing every minute and is also highly competitive. To be the front runner is not an advantage but a necessity as more and more marketing research firms and independent studies and researchers’ crop up every day.  Which is why the services of a professional and reliable transcription company is indispensable! Quality Transcript takes care of your transcribing needs and we area transcription firm you can rely on with your precious and hard earned statistical data with. To know more about us touch base with us at


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Other services

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