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Searching for a reliable transcription services firm to transcribe your MOV files? Your search ends here!

To express yourself has now become more, easier than ever. The internet has provided a free and wide platform for people from all walks of life. Budding artists, amateur filmmakers and musicians, aspiring singers, actors, photographers have all found a medium to showcase their talent and reach out to millions of people across the globe.

Not just the internet the television industry has also gravitated towards the concept of making the common man take the center stage. With reality being the hottest crowd puller, unscripted and unstructured entertainment content has become the order of the day.  The MOV format is the most widely adopted multimedia container format, as it can effortlessly record and share audio as well as video data.  The services of an expert transcription services provider is thus indispensable, to produce accurate text transcripts of the audio or video data.

Quality Transcript provides accurate and timely audio to text transcription services of your podcasts, webcasts, television footage, you tube uploads and much much more! We have worked extensively with the MOV format and have provided transcription services for television channels, pod and webcasts or any A/V file we receive in the MOV format.

Wondering why your MOV files have to be transcribed?! Here are three key reasons:

Why Quality Transcript?

Quite simple. Because, we save your time, energy and money.  

Time: Quality Transcript offers the quickest and the most dependable Turn Around Time packages in the transcription industry. Our TAT packages are custom designed to satisfy the different demands and expectations of our clients.

Energy: We provide you accurate and flawless text transcripts of your MOV files. We proof read your text transcripts and all our assignments go through three tier quality checks before being handed over to our clients, thereby saving you the energy of going through the rigmarole of going through you transcripts , spotting errors getting in touch with us to correct the errors etc. 

Money: Quality Transcript offers you economical prices that will make you not only come back to us but also recommend our services to your friends, like hundreds of clients, have over the years.

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