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Searching for reliable multi person interview transcription services? You can stop your search now

Quality Transcript offers precise audio to text transcription services for Multi person interviews. In the multi person interview format there are two to three interviewees being interviewed by an interviewer simultaneously. It is essential to have a text transcript of multi person interviews to avoid misinterpretations and confusion later on.

Try our transcription services and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

To provide accurate text transcripts of multi person interviews one requires experience, expertise and loads of patience! Most audio recordings we receive for transcription services in this category contain overlapping voices, routine interruptions and unfinished hanging words. Thanks to our vast experience in the transcribing arena we can offer an exact text reproduction of the audio recording sent to us even if it is not of the greatest recording quality. We understand that it is impossible to have a clear thread of conversation with 2 or more people discussing about the same topic.

We provide audio to text transcription services of multi person interviews to:

  • Television channels.
  • Radio networks.
  • Media production houses.
  • Journalists.
  • Researchers.
  • Market research firms.
  • Doctoral students.

And pretty much anyone looking to transcribe the audio recording of their multi person interviews into a textual transcript without burning a hole in their pockets or waiting endlessly for their transcript to be delivered. At Quality Transcript we ensure that our prices are within the means of our clients and our turn around time in line with their expectations.

What audio formats do we accept?

Well pretty much everything! We accept audio recordings, recorded in the analog or digital format. We are not picky with the audio formats we accept and can provide accurate audio to text transcription services, regardless of the audio format we receive.

To know more about us just fill out the form in this page and we will revert to you within an hours time.

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