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Wondering where to get your OGG audio files transcribed. Here is your solution

‘FREE’ is everybody’s favorite word. And that is why the OGG format has evolved into one of the world’s best loved audio formats. It is a multi container format and can support audio, video and text files. It is a non proprietary format and hence doesn’t have strict user restrictions, and can be freely downloaded. And with free download being the most searched term in Google, the unprecedented popularity of OGG is only understandable!

Quality Transcript has worked hand in hand with users of the OGG, and OGG Vorbis audio files. We have transcribed several audio files in the OGG format and have provided transcription support for OGG pod casts, OGG Vorbis webcasts and several other multimedia files for audio to text transcription of OGG audio files.  

Free conversion of your OGG files into the MP 3 format:

QualityTranscript offers free conversion of your OGG files into the more compatible MP3 format.How do I convert my OGG Vorbis files into MP3? Is a question we are very familiar with as we answer it almost everybody. And our answer always is you don’t have to we will do it for you! This is a value added service for our valuable customers. As songs or audio recordings downloaded or recorded in the OGG format are not compatible with MP3 players, the need to convert OGG into MP3 is mandatory. We provide free conversion of your audio files in the MP3 format.

How do you send across your audio files to us?

There are three simple methods to send across your audio files to us. They are:

Why Quality Transcript?

Well the reasons are endless! To begin with we our transcription services are affordable. We provide one of the lowest costs per line in the industry and our transcription services can fit into the tightest of budgets. Our text transcripts are of the best quality and we have a three tier quality check before handing over the transcribed files to our clients. And finally we revert to you with the transcribed and proof read text transcript according to your convenience, and we respect your deadlines as much as we respect ours.

To know more about us contact sales@qualitytranscript.com.

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