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Want to increase the viewership of your podcast? Get it transcribed!

Are you a regular podcaster wondering why your podcast has not attracted the number of viewers you hoped it would? Are you new to the Podcasting world and floundering your way through cyber space? There is a simple, effective and time tested method to assuage your worries. Transcribe your podcasts. Converting the audio portion of your podcast into a text transcript is a sure fire way to improve Google rankings and creating recall value.

ID3 tags: Your visiting card in the cyber world.

The ID3 tag that can insert textual content directly onto your audio file has become a rage with podcasters worldwide and also reinforced the importance of having a text transcript of your podcast! With everything going for it what stops you from getting your podcast transcribed? If you are worried about finding the right transcription services firm, you can now sit back and relax. Quality Transcript is a transcription firm that has provided hundres of podcast transcription services and calmed the frayed nerves of many a podcaster!

Quality Transcript: Leave it to the experts!

Quality Transcript recently provided transcription services for a client who is a regular in the Podcasting circuit and also a social worker who works as a volunteer in a school for deaf children at Connecticut. “I was worried that my podcast wasn’t reaching my students. I sent my podcast for transcribing to Quality Transcript and uploaded the text transcript in the lyrics tag and was thrilled to see a word by word text transcript of my podcast, and knew that I could finally communicate through my podcast to people I’ve always wanted to reach out to”.

3 reasons why Quality Transcript is the consistent favorite of podcasters.

 In a world of forever breaking news a current topic cannot stay current for very long. That is why Quality Transcript delivers text transcripts at a turn around time that will ensure that your podcasts are always current and happening!


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