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Training videos the next-gen textbook!

Ken learns yoga, soft skills and cooking without ever having to step out of his room! And no he doesn’t have an overpaid personal trainer but learns instead from online training videos that are, all the buzz right now. We regularly receive audio to text transcription requests from him, to transcribe his training videos because as he puts it, “It is much easier to refer to a sheet of paper rather than viewing the entire training video”.

Going by the number of requests Quality Transcript receives for transcribing online learning and training videos, Ken is certainly, not alone. A text transcript of a training video is amazingly convenient and if you are working with Quality Transcript amazingly affordable as well.  Our transcription services are extremely light on the wallet .We offer transcription support to all online training videos and DVDs. Click here to know about the video transcription services we offer for training DVDs.

Three reasons how working with us can make all the difference! A surprise package!

If you are used to, haggling over your transcription bill, frustrated with constantly shifting turn around times and hate picking up the phone to call a toll free number, and talk to a computer anytime, you need help, we can be a refreshing change! At Quality Transcript our transparent pricing will ensure that you are well aware of your bill and our low cost pricing would ensure that you are happy with it!

We are as finicky about deadlines as you are and are always on time and prompt with our delivery time. And, yes, you get to talk to considerate and informed client support executive, rather than an automated metallic voice anytime you call our number.

For the most reliable and professional training transcription services of any and every kind of seminar, just fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you in an hour.


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