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Verbatim transcription services that are priced within your budget!

Now, before we get into the details, quickly browse through these five points to know why you should stay on this page, if you are looking for an affordable verbatim transcription services firm.

  • QualityTranscript provides verbatim transcription for legal recordings, interview recordings, research data, podcasts and business meets.

  • Our verbatim transcribing services are offered at the best prices in the industry.

  • QualityTranscript offers audio to text verbatim transcription for files in any digital recording format.

  • We pay attention to the tiniest detail and ensure that you are not just happy with the quality of our verbatim transcripts, but also refer us to your peers.

  • If you feel verbatim transcribing is going to take a whole of time to get every word and nuance correct, you’d be glad to be mistaken. We are quick and offer client centric TAT packages.

We were saving the best for the last!

And here is the best aspect of our voice transcribing services! QualityTranscript offers referral discounts if you refer our transcription services to your peers. If you are happy with your transcript (we’d bet a million dollars that you’d be!) and recommend your colleague, friend, relative or the friendly guy next door, we can offer you significant price discounts on your audio transcription services package.

And there are a lot more cost and time saving value added services for you!

QualityTranscript can convert audio files you send us for transcribing into the versatile and widely used MP3 format absolutely free of cost. If you are tracking down a recording firm for that all important business meet or seminar, we can help you with a list of the very best recording firms in the locality you need!

For a perfect verbatim transcript that doesn’t miss out on a single word, stutter, false start, pause, cough, sentence filler or any audio noise or verbal tic present in your recording, contact



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