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Looking for the very best in voice to text transcription services? Look no further!

Are you tired of your voice recognition software making mistakes that make you sit back and wonder why you went to all the trouble of buying one? Frustrated with making endless calls to your transcription concern and haggling over prices and turn around time, and finally ended up with a text transcript that has very little to do with your actual audio recording? Quality Transcript can help!

Do you have a voice recording in an analog audio tape? We can transcribe it for you.

Quality Transcript can provide an exact voice to text transcript of your analog tape recordings. In this day and age of newer and more advanced digital audio formats flooding the market everyday, there are still people who swear by analog tapes. We get regular queries from clients on how to send across audio data recorded in an audio tape or DVD for transcription services. 

Have an audio recording, recorded in a digital voice recorder and worried about the format?

At Quality Transcript we receive at least a few calls everyday from worried clients wondering if the digital audio format, they have the voice recording in, is accepted for transcription services. Our answer is always the same, it doesn’t matter if your audio data is in the OGG format, or DSS or WMA , we can provide accurate voice to text transcription services of it. Click here to know more about the audio formats we offer transcription services for.

 Do you have a voice recording in your smartphone and wondering where to send it for transcription?

You already know the answer. At Quality Transcript we have a dedicated team of transcribers who are trained to provide transcription services for smartphones and work extensively on audio recording formats most commonly used in smartphones such as PCM, amr and aac to name a few. Click here if you own a smartphone.

Quality Transcript has a client list that includes physicians, professors, podcasters, radio networks, recording studios, university grads, businessmen, journalists and you find this to be an impressive list well there are hundreds of more professionals, fields and industries we offer voice to text transcription services in!

It also helps that we charge the lowest cost per minute of audio and also not only promise but guarantee a turn around time that is custom designed to meet your requirement and expectation.

We can start working together if you fill out the form on this page. Yes that is pretty much all you have to do. We will revert to you in an hour and we can take it from there!


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