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Quality Transcript offers expert WAV transcription services.

“I have an important file in the WAV format do you accept this format for transcription?” Is a common query we receive at Quality Transcript. Our answer is always the same, a resounding and confident YES. We have been an integral part of the transcription industry for several years and have received audio files in the rarest of digital audio formats. Our transcription staff at Quality Transcript produce accurate text transcripts regardless of the format of the audio format used in the recording.

At Quality Transcript we receive and transcribe audio files in the WAV format almost everyday. This explains why our text transcripts of WAV recordings are a cut above the rest. We produce quality that can come only with experience and expertise. There are several reasons why we are the most popular transcription concern, and superlative transcribing services is just one of them. Listed below are the other reasons!

High quality transcripts at low costs: 

Quality Transcript is surprisingly affordable! We do not overcharge our clients and in fact we offer the lowest cost per line in the today. But why are we so affordable? The reason is we want to be approached by people across all sections of society rather than working with just a select few elite customers. Our low cost pricing ensures we enjoy a wider market and higher client retention rate than most other transcription companies.

We work fast:

We deliver text transcripts of our client’s recordings, in accordance to their specifications. We are a completely client centric organization and it reflects in every small thing we do. Our TAT packages are custom designed to meet each and every need of our customers.

We are available 24x7.

We work round the clock and are always happy to hear from our clients anytime of the day or night. Our client service executives are more than willing to go the extra mile to help and support our clients. We work on weekends and national holidays so our clients don’t have to.

And the icing on the cake is that we offer a great value added feature!

Quality Transcript offers Free WAV to MP3 conversion.

 “I just downloaded my favorite songs from the net, for next month’s karaoke contest. But they are in the WAV format and are pretty huge. Can you transcribe the songs for me and also help me to convert my files into the handier MP3 format? Is a request we received most recently from one of our clients.

We delivered an accurate textual transcript of the songs and also converted the WAV files into the more compatible MP3 format. The WAV to MP3 conversion offered by Quality Transcript is completely free of cost and there are no hidden charges. 

 Contact sales@qualitytranscript.com for more details.

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